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What is electrical engineering?


Have you noticed?
Electrical engineering
is everywhere!

Every day, you live in a world where you are surrounded by objects that were created to improve and simplify your daily life. When you relax, work, or even have fun, science and technology are never far.

Tracking the latest parcel you ordered, receiving notifications on your phone, experiencing the thrills of riding a roller coaster, using a robot vacuum to clean your room, watching your favourite show, using a magnetic card to get into your hotel room, attending a show in an incredible ambiance—there is genius in everything that surrounds you.

There is genius in everything around you!
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* About the Perspective Scholarship

Scholarships offered to college and university students who have successfully completed a full-time study term according to the eligibility requirements, in a targeted program of study.
What if your ingenuity
served your

Electrical engineering, computerized systems, telecommunications, electronics, and audiovisual technologists all use their ingenuity to rethink and change our world, one idea at a time. By studying in one of our many engineering programs, you too will be able to put your ingenuity and logic to use in changing the world of tomorrow—your world.

you will use your ingenuity and your logical sense to serve the world of tomorrow: yours!

Electrical engineering is everywhere!

Do you know who the engineers are behind your everyday objects? With Massi Mahiou, influencer AND engineer, we went to meet CEGEP students in Electrical Engineering Technology! You too become a genius…To invent, analyze, optimize, create, and solve problems, we need you and your creativity! At CEGEP, we will help you develop your ideas and cultivate your intelligence so you can fulfill your potential and do so much more than “work” when you finish your studies. Your knowledge can take you far and your ideas can bring so much to the world in which you live. You too can study engineering!

Music festivals : Audiovisual
OPUS card : Computer Engineering Technology
Electric cars : Networks
Drones : Automation and Control
Calls from friends : Telecommunications

Our various programs explained

Automation and Control 243.D0

Nowadays, almost all products that surround us were manufactured using one or more automated systems. As an automation and control technologist you will design and assemble the equipment needed to make these different systems work. In a nutshell, you will be the human expert behind the robot: your tasks will include designing and programming control panels, and assembling production equipment and making sure it runs smoothly, among others.

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Computer Engineering Technology 243.G0

A computerized system refers to the electronic hardware, including the microprocessor, which can run programs. As a computerized system technologist, you will develop electrical products that collect information for command-control systems.

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Networks and Telecommunications 243.F0

As a telecommunications technologist, you will be at the very centre of the systems that transmit signals, regardless of the technology. It will be up to you to configure the systems and ensure they are reliable, whether they are wireline, wireless, fibre optic, or satellite. In short, with this program, you will become a specialist in information transportation and in smart connected products that can establish, program, and maintain telecommunications systems.

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Audiovisual 243.BC

Lights, camera, action… this program will introduce you to the different technical professions of the performing arts, and the event and film industries. Lighting designer, sound technician, camera operator, video editor—these are all professions you could aspire to. In addition to providing technical support, audiovisual technologists participate in work planning and help create all types of multimedia productions.

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We tell you about their job.

Jérémy Goyette
Embedded Software Programmer

If you’re someone who likes to learn how the world works and if you’re curious, meticulous, and have a mathematical mind, then electronics is for you.

Loïc Dupéré
Network Monitoring Technician

The electronics program teaches you a lot about electronics and gives you access to several different jobs in the field.

Marc André Brouillette
Electrical Engineering Student at ETS

As a former student in the industrial electronics program, I’m now studying at ETS. And by the way, having that college diploma on your résumé, I know it’s a bonus for employers. And it gives you a clear idea of where you want to go and opens so many doors: in an office, in the field, even at home now.

Maxime Bolduc
Programmer Analyst (currently completing his hours to join engineers of Quebec)

The computer engineering program offered a complete approach, which allowed me to develop my skills for the job market or continue my studies at university or in another field. If I had to do it all over again, I would follow the exact same path even if I technically did an extra year of school because it’s a technical program.

Florent Nicole
Graduate in Industrial Electronics (Automation and Control)

Changing my program of study for the industrial electronics program […] that was a turning point in my life.

Samuel Servant
Graduate in Industrial Electronics (now Automation and Control)

Registering for the program was the best choice I ever made.

Raphaël Pereira
Graduate in Industrial Electronics (now Automation and Control)

The courses really focus on the practical aspects and learning through trial and error. They’re paced just right with challenging and super motivating projects.

Éloïse Thorn
Stage and audiovisual technician

My studies in Audiovisual taught me how to think as part of a team as well as to be open to adapting to others and to their ways of doing things. I also developed abilities that I use regularly and that are recognized in the work I do. Employment possibilities are very interesting because employers know that we have graduated from the Audiovisual program. The Audiovisual program is a wonderful program for people who want to do audiovisual work whether it be in television studios or for big shows. I recommend this program 100%. My three years of study allowed me to form strong bonds with the students in my class, my future colleagues and other very important people already working in the field. My time spent in this CEGEP program is one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. I learned a lot about myself and I matured as a person thanks to the opportunities offered to us during our studies.

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